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I’m Kim, a registered dietitian committed to helping you step into a life and body you love every day.

You may be wondering if this site is for you.

If you’ve ever experienced difficulty making healthy food choices, cooking and planning healthy meals, controlling your food cravings, losing weight or letting go of negative thoughts about your body, you’re in the right place!

In my work as a dietitian and health coach, I have helped hundreds of people overcome barriers that keep them from the health and wellness they deserve.

I’m here to help you do the same.

Food Philosophy:

It wasn’t until I adopted a real food, plant-based diet that I discovered a new level of nourishment in my life. By making vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds the center of my meals, I began to realize how few plants I was actually eating prior to this shift. I wasn’t intentionally trying to eat fewer vegetables. My body was just filling up on animal foods instead! So after reducing my intake of animal foods, increasing my intake of plant-based foods and focusing on natural ingredients, not only was I more nourished than ever but my digestion improved, my body became leaner and I had more energy and focus to sustain me throughout the day.


University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa, MS in Human Nutrition (2016)
Memphis VA Medical Center, Dietetic Internship (2013)
Harding University, BS in Dietetics (2008)

Part of my passion for helping others reclaim their life through nutrition comes from my own experience with food.

My Story:

I struggled with my diet for years because I tried learning nutrition on my own. I found myself feeling confused and frustrated about what to do, especially with all the different messages out there about the best approaches to health and nutrition. To make a long story short, I decided to follow an extreme diet for 2 years and suffered some major health problems because of it. Instead of helping my body, I ended up harming it.

If I had sought help when I was transitioning to a healthier diet, I would have achieved the result I was truly after: a life and body I loved.

This is exactly why I developed Simple Natural Nutrition – to use my clinical and professional experiences as well as my 7 years of nutrition education and training to keep you from going down the same road of trial and error. And not to mention the years of wasted time and diet frustrations – believe me.

Today I live out my food philosophy. My diet is made of natural, mostly plant-based foods with guilt-free splurges here and there (I am 100% human after all). I am more nourished than ever and the best part is I’m not starving or restricting myself to get there. I eat what I love and my body loves me back.

This is what I want more than anything for you too.

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